Few possessions are treasured more than family portraits.
Artful professional portraits of family members are the gift you give yourself, your family, and generations to come.

Now your purchase of family portraits will help to improve the lives of orphans living in deplorable conditions in the developing world. Dando Amor means “giving love.” Through PPA Charities, talented and dedicated members of Professional Photographers of America (PPA) join together each year to offer consumers special opportunities to help children around the world through their purchase of portraits of their family members.

Through their fund-raising activities,
these PPA photographers and their clients support the work of the widely respected international charity, Dando Amor. Dando Amor – which means “giving love,” is dedicated to blessing the lives of children throughout the world.

You can help expand their mission of putting smiles on the faces of
deserving children around the world by taking part in a PPA Charities
fund-raising event that benefits Dando Amor.